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Wedding photography of bridesmaids holding flowers behind their backs.


What is your photographic style?

My style is a combination of photojournalistic and classic wedding photography.  Capturing the candid moments that make the day exceptional, while still taking the time to capture classic images that will wow friends and family.  I believe that each couple is unique, with their own story.  I try to capture the photos that best reflect who you are on your special day.

How many images will I receive?

There is no definitive answer to this question.  It depends on a number of factors, including how long your wedding day is, whether or not we use a second photographer, what the schedule of the day is like, etc.  I would say that the minimum would be 250-300 images, but really, it could be up to 1000.  It really all depends.  We can certainly discuss it when you are booking, and I know more details about your wedding.

Should I pay for a second photographer?

A second photographer is always a great idea.  For starters, you will receive more images from your wedding!  A second shooter allows us to capture the key moments from multiple angles, and perspectives, resulting in more photos for you!  For instance, if I am capturing your vows from the front of the ceremony, a second photographer can be capturing the event from the back, showing more of your venue, guests, and details that can’t be captured by a single photographer.  There will also be more photos of guests dancing, and having fun at your reception.  Another key reason for a second photographer is if events are happening in multiple locations at the same time (ie, bridesmaids and groomsmen preparations before the wedding).

Will I receive the digital images?

Yes!  After all images have been curated and the images not showing everything in the best light (people blinking, weird faces, unfocused, etc) have been removed, the images are prepared and provided to you in high resolution JPG format.  The images will be yours to use as you see fit.  You can print them, share them on social media, and with family.  They are your images.  I do not release original, unedited RAW files.

How long until I receive my images?

In my contract I state within 45 days.  I normally deliver them sooner, depending on how many images I am preparing, if I’m designing an album, and how many other weddings I am working on.  The 45 days is a long estimate.  I would rather deliver them early than late!

Do you do engagement/Save the date sessions?

Definitely!  Engagement  or save the date photo session are a great way for us to get to know each other better,  have fun in a relaxed environment, and get you more comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day.  Engagement sessions are included in my higher tier packages, but we can add one to any package for a nominal price.  The photos can be delivered in a few days, so that you can get your invitations in the mail.

Where are you located?

I am located near Napa, California.  I can shoot your wedding anywhere in the greater San Francisco bay area, including Napa, Fairfield, Vacaville, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkley, Pacifica, Walnut Creek, etc.  Really I can shoot anywhere within a couple hours of the bay area.  If you’re interested is hiring me for a destination wedding, we can discuss that too!  My Passport is up to date.

Should I send you my Pinterest board?

The short answer, no…😉  The longer answer; if you have a couple shots that you think are really great, and would like to create something similar, I would be happy to discuss them with you to see if we can capture them.  If you send me a huge list of shots that you saw on Pinterest, we will be spending most of your valuable time trying to emulate someone else’s wedding  Not photographing the special moments that define your wedding day.

Do you photograph LGBTQ weddings?

Absolutely!  If you and your partner are in love and getting married, I am more than happy to photograph it for you!  Just hit me up via the contact link below, and we’ll get started!

Are you still photographing weddings during the Pandemic?

Yes!  If you are getting married during the pandemic, I would love to photograph it.  For safety reasons, I prefer to do smaller weddings, where people are taking proper precautions.  Let me know what you are thinking, and we can work something out.

How can I book you?

That’s easy!  Just reach out to me.  You can fill out the contact form here on the website, send me an email directly, or give me a call on the phone.  Just let me know the date of your wedding, and possibly the venue. From there, we can meet or chat over the phone to get to know each other, and discuss your big day.  We can then figure out a photography package to meet your needs, and get the ball rolling.