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About Me

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by!  My passion for photography started in the mid 1980’s when I purchased my first full manual 35mm camera, a Richoh KR-5 Super.  I’ve always felt a need to be creative, whether it be through drawing, painting, or of course, photography.  In high school, I learned learned how to developed my own black and white film and prints and haven’t stopped since.  I’ve been shooting digital for over 10 years now, although I still occasionally play with 35mm and medium format film.

Since a young age, I was instilled with a love and appreciation for nature.  To this day, few things make me happier than being out in nature, taking in its rugged beauty.  Much of my photography revolves around this love of nature, and trying to capture it for others to appreciate.  In 2007 I moved from Canada to the American Southwest.  There are amazing vistas and magnificent panoramas here like nowhere else in the world!  It has given me a renewed passion for the outdoors, and photography.

Recently I’ve expanded my photography to include other genres.  I’m enjoying the new challenges it brings!  I’ve started shooting fashion, architectural, sports, abstract, and wedding photos.  I’ve discovered that beauty can be found and captured in any subject.

Recently I decided it was time to take a leap of faith and follow my passion for photography as a full-time career and fulfill my creative need!   If you have an event or a project in mind, let’s connect, and make some magic happen!

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